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A problem crawlspace is a result of excessive moisture from the ground causing mould, mildew, musty smells and excessive rot to the sub-floor structure (floor joists and built-up wood beams). Failure to solve this problem may result in extensive structural failure and major health issues, causing a house’s value to depreciate.

Signs you need crawlspace repair in Leamington include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Wood rot
  • Mould on your baseboards
  • Condensation on your windows
  • Bad smells in your crawlspace
  • High electric bill

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Common Crawlspace Problems
Crawlspaces can be useful storage areas, but they can face some major problems. Some of the common crawlspace problems that are often caused by water damage include:

  • Water flooding – water in your crawlspace will lead to humidity in your home which can lead to mould and an uncomfortable climate. Water can enter your crawlspace through ground water, plumbing leaks, and heavy rains. 
  • Mould – mould can negatively affect your health by increasing symptoms of allergies and asthma. Mould is most likely to grow in warm spaces with high humidity and cellulose. The wood floor joists in your home are around 40% cellulose, a favourite food of mould. 
  • Condensation – if there is condensation on your ceiling, floors, or walls there could be a moisture problem in your crawlspace. This can lead to structural damage and mould. Condensation is most common in crawlspaces with open vents, exposed dirt, and poor moisture barriers.
  • Sagging floors – if your floors are squeaky or sagging this is a sign that your home’s internal support system is having trouble supporting the weight of your home. This is commonly caused by waterproofing problems. 
  • Floor joist issues – sagging and uneven floors could be the sign of over-spanned floor joists. Support beams and floor joists are designed to support the weight of your home at precisely spaced intervals. Moisture that gets into your crawlspace can affect these joists and the structure of your home.
Crawlspace encapsulation 1

Our Crawlspace Repair Solution

At Paul’s Basement Waterproofing, we look to encapsulate problem crawlspaces by creating drainage to alleviate groundwater, installing a 7.2 mm poly to stop moisture and spraying closed cell foam insulation from the underside of the sub-floor plywood to the ground level. This insulation is moisture, mould and mildew resistant and formaldehyde free, and it covers the 7.2 mm poly, producing a thermal break which finishes the encapsulation.

Crawlspace encapsulation 2

Our extensive crawlspace repair in the Chatham, Windsor, Sarnia, Amherstburg, and surrounding areas includes:

  • Clean up and disposal
  • Rotten sub-floor, beams and piers are replaced or reinforced
  • Drainage system, sump pit and pump with discharge
  • Moisture and mould control
  • Vapour barrier (encapsulation)
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation (moisture, mould and mildew resistant and formaldehyde free)

Crawlspace Liners for High Traffic and Storage Areas

Crawlspace 20 mil liners are mould and mildew resistant and have strong reinforcement, which makes tearing nearly impossible. These liners are a cost effective way to help protect your crawlspace from water damage and mould. Call us today to learn more about these products, and take a look at some of our crawlspace repair projects.

Crawlspace Repairs | We provide extensive crawlspace repair solutions.

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