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Whether you need sump pump installation or quality encapsulation services in Ontario, Paul’s Basement Waterproofing can provide you with all. We have completed a wide range of projects including:

Basic Crawlspace Encapsulation

If you are looking to improve the insulation and moisture resistance of your Windsor or Tilbury crawlspace, trust Paul’s Basement Waterproofing for quality encapsulation services. Browse though some pictures of one of our crawlspace projects, and see our completed work. And remember that we not only protect your crawlspace from moisture, but we can also waterproof your basement.

During this crawlspace encapsulation, we started by levelling the ground. Then 8 mm poly was laid and sealed at all of the piers, pillars and the outside wall. Next we sprayed a closed cell foam insulation (water, mould and mildew resistant, formaldehyde free, E-85 fire rated) from the underside of the sub-floor decking to the ground level, covering the 8 mm poly. This formed a thermal break and finished the encapsulation.

Basic Interior Waterproofing

Take a look at the process we utilize at Paul’s Basement Waterproofing in order to keep basements watertight. Our team has the equipment and tools to complete even the most complex of projects. And no matter what service we provide, we always make sure that we are on time and work efficiently.

These images show a waterproofed interior perimeter tying into the existing sump pit with 4” weeping tile and DELTA®-MS from footing to the top of the second block (16”). This alleviated ground water (Building Code and Drainage Standards) and took care of existing water within the hollow core block.

Moisture Proofing, Sump Pit Installation & Sump Pump Installation

Browse through a collection of before and after pictures from a project that we completed for one of our clients. You will see that our team at Paul’s Basement Waterproofing can work floor to sealing, ensuring that there is a tight seal throughout your basement.

For this project, we waterproofed the interior perimeter using 4” weeping tile, tying into an installed sump pit with DELTA®-MS (channelling water from block to the weeping tile) to the top of the foundation wall, creating moisture proofing. We had installed a sump pit and pump on a dedicated GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) electrical outlet with discharge outside, which will help to alleviate ground water (Building Code and Drainage Standards) and existing water within the hollow core block.

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