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Paul's Basement - Your Best Choice for Waterproofing Services

Why Is Paul's Basement your Best Choice for Waterproofing Services in Windsor?

Basements are prone to damage due to excessive rain, seepage or plumbing issues leading to standing water. Stagnant water for a prolonged time can lead to structural damage and affect the building's foundation. Water damage under and near your house can lead to soil expansion, which causes cracks and swelling of the foundation. Basement waterproofing can help your home from water damage and harmful effects such as mould and mildew. Count on Paul's Basement Waterproofing if you have problems with moisture and leaks in your basement. We provide basic interior waterproofing and sump pit and pump installation to ensure your basement is protected against water. We're a locally owned and operated business out of Windsor, Ontario and offer services ranging from foundation wall repair, crawlspace mould solution and concrete crack repair.


Why Paul's Basement Waterproofing Is A Premier Solution for Your Basement and Waterproofing Needs

Specialists at Paul's Basement Waterproofing stay up-to-date with the latest techniques that include the installation of carbon-fibre materials. We also use quality products and time-tested brands to provide you finest basement and crawlspace repairs. Our products include DELTA®-MS foundation protection system and RESISTO waterproofing foundation membrane.

Our work includes:

  • Keeping the workspace clean
  • A complete clean up after work every day
  • Fixing issues with speed and professionalism
  • Personal care and attention to the problems
  • A highly courteous and professional attitude towards each job
  • Workaround with challenges and provide you with a complete plan to waterproof your basement or repair your crawlspace
  • Providing a 15 year written guarantee

Our specialists evaluate your home’s basement condition and determine the most effective waterproofing method. We provide options and possible ways of waterproofing. Our waterproofing service entails basic interior waterproofing that channels the water away from your basement through a hollow core block. Additionally, we offer a sump pit and pump installation that keeps the water out by pumping it away from your home. Our system also alleviates groundwater to help you with a dryer and warmer concrete floor.


Take a look at our past projects to understand our efficient waterproofing services for a dry and odour-free basement. We are even capable of completing complex projects with up-to-date tools and equipment.


Benefits of Basement Waterproofing From Paul's Basement Waterproofing


Some important advantages of basement waterproofing are:


1.      Prevents Mould and Mildew

Mould can cause serious health issues and also worsen symptoms of allergies and asthma. It can also damage wooden structures.


2.      Protects from Structural Damage

Water leakage can damage your home's structure. An efficient waterproofing will ensure the water is pushed away from the basement.


3.      Prevents Basement Flooding

Effective waterproofing will help you change the direction of groundwater to prevent flooding in basements.


There are multiple reasons for a leaking basement. It’s important to understand some common sources of water entry, such as floor cracks, clogged floor drain and deteriorated mortar joints in your basement. Paul's Basement Waterproofing provides a wide range of services such as crawlspace repairs, crack repairs, outside foundation repairs and mould removal. We serve multiple locations, including Windsor and Essex County, Chatham-Kent, Petrolia, Point Edward and Lambton shores. 


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