What is the significance of waterproofing your basement?

Your basement is the lowest space in your home and also the foundational structure of your building. It’s important to consider basement waterproofing but many overlook this detail while buying or building homes. It helps to keep your belongings dry and safe along with increasing the value and safety of your house.

At Paul's Basement Waterproofing, we have been offering services and repairs regarding waterproofing, foundation and mould removal. You can count on us for getting the job done just right.

Reasons for Basement Waterproofing

This is typically needed by structures that are constructed at or below ground level. Water in the soil can cause hydrostatic pressure underneath the basement floors. This can force it to enter through cracks and cause major problems.

A leaking or damp basement would never keep the goods dry. This becomes an inconvenience when you constantly need to shift things for safety. You will also have to be on the lookout for stopping water from accumulating.

A couple of major reasons why you should perform waterproofing:

To prevent flooding

Besides catching fire and burning down, flooding is very common in home tragedies. When the foundation starts to crack, it allows water to enter the basement. In worst cases, it can cause the house to collapse.

Basement waterproofing will aid to protect your building from water damage that could affect any stored valuables.

To increase property value

A waterproofed basement automatically increases your property’s value. It improves the quality of living – and you surely won’t have to worry about cleaning up water-damaged items after a flood.

A dry basement will maintain good indoor air quality. Also, you can’t convert it to an extra bedroom, workroom, or such, if you don’t waterproof it.

To prevent cracks in the foundation

The moisture trapped in the surface of a basement foundation expands and contracts as temperatures fall and rise. This can lead to cracks that can be dangerous for the overall structural integrity of your house.

Waterproofing your basement and fixing leaks in walls will reduce the risk of foundation repairs.


To reduce energy costs

A wet basement will increase the humidity of your home during summer, making it expensive to cool. Alternatively, the cracks in your foundation will let in the cold winter air, making it difficult to keep your house warm.

Waterproofing will properly insulate your property, which makes your cooling and heating more efficient.

To prevent mould growth

Even without flooding, water leaks from snow or rain can cause moisture buildups. This can result in dangerous mould growths and contribute to different health problems (asthma, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, etc.).

They can also affect the health of your pets if their shelter is in the basement. Waterproofing disconnects the moisture element which will stop mould growth.


How Basement Waterproofing Works

Making sure your basement is safe against water is critical. There are various different ways for waterproofing. At Paul's Basement Waterproofing, our work mostly entails to:

Basic interior waterproofing – This stops water from entering your basement by efficiently sealing the walls.

Sump pit and pump installation – These are beneficial at keeping water out of basements by pumping it away from your home.

When you call us for waterproofing, our staff will examine your basement’s condition to know which technique will be the most effective one.

Where Can You Find Affordable Basement Waterproofing Services in Leamington?

As an experienced company in the industry, we provide a tried and true solution to basement leakage issues.

Our system not only channels water from block foundation walls and saturated cement to the sump pit, but it also relieves groundwater. This lets the floor slab from sitting in water, and soon you will have a dryer concrete floor with better moisture control. This system is foolproof and simple as it is retrofit to modernize your drainage system to the current Ontario building code.

We ensure property protection as well as a complete clean up during installation. We also offer a 15-year guarantee.

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