What Is the Best Time of Year to Get Your Foundation Repaired?

Foundation problems can put the entire structure of your home at risk and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Some common signs of foundation issues include cracks in the walls, sagging floors, warped ceilings, improperly fitted doors and windows, and the presence of moisture in the basement.


Paul's Basement Waterproofing provides year-round foundation repair in Windsor and the surrounding area, but we are often asked what time of year is best. The answer will depend, in part, on whether you require exterior or interior foundation repair.


The Best Time for Interior Foundation Repair in Windsor
Home homeowners schedule interior foundation repair during the spring because this is when they begin noticing signs of trouble. Spring rains lead to leaks, and wet, expanded soil puts pressure on the foundation walls, causing them to contort. However, if you are already aware of issues with your foundation walls, then it is best to schedule repairs earlier, at some point during the winter.


During the winter, colder temperatures can help stabilize your foundation, making it easier to monitor and fix any damage. Minimal rainfall and low levels of moisture in the soil mean that the problem won't be getting worse as you attempt to correct it. Many interior foundation repair techniques are easier to perform and more likely to lead to desired results if applied during the winter.


The Best Time for Exterior Foundation Repair in Windsor
Just as with interior foundation repair, springtime is generally not ideal for exterior foundation repair in Windsor. Winter can be problematic for exterior foundation repair as well, as the soil will be frozen and difficult to excavate. Snowfall and frost can also complicate the project.


For these reasons, exterior foundation repair is best carried out in the fall. Mild temperatures and a decreased risk of rain or snowfall make the fall months the ideal time to excavate around the foundation and repair foundation walls from the outside. Fall temperatures also allow foundation coatings to fully cure, making for stronger and more lasting repairs. It is highly recommended that you make a habit out of inspecting your foundation at the beginning of every fall and scheduling any necessary repairs over the next few months.


Discovered Serious Foundation Problems? Don't Wait to Get Them Fixed
While certain times of year are ideal than others for foundation repair in Windsor, the bottom line is that, if you have discovered serious foundation problems, then there is no better time to get them fixed than right now.


An experienced Windsor foundation repair company such as Paul's Basement Waterproofing will have the necessary tools and expertise to fix your foundation issues at any time of year. If you discover foundation problems in the spring or summer and decide to wait until the fall or winter to get them fixed, then the damage will only continue to grow.


At Paul's Basement Waterproofing, our Windsor foundation repair experts will provide you with personalized foundation repair solutions for strengthening and waterproofing your foundation walls. For more information on foundation repair in Windsor, don't hesitate to contact Paul's Basement Waterproofing today.