Top Tips for Proper Foundation Care

Most homeowners don't spend too much time thinking about the state of their foundation, but foundation repair and maintenance is an important part of home maintenance as a whole. Foundation issues such as cracks or bowed and buckling walls can eventually cause problems throughout the rest of the home.


The Windsor and Tecumseh foundation repair experts at Paul's Basement Waterproofing have put together some tips for proper foundation care that can help you prevent extensive and costly damage.


Make Sure Your Roof Is Properly Drained
Foundation damage is most commonly caused by improper drainage, especially by improper roof drainage. To keep your foundation in good shape, make sure your gutters are kept clean and in good condition. This will prevent water from seeping down the side of your home. Likewise, downspouts should be draining at a distance of at least 5 feet away from the walls.


Make Sure Your Yard Slopes Away from the Foundation
You might also end up with too much water pooling around your foundation if the grade of your landscaping slopes towards your home rather than away from it. Even a completely flat yard may still leave your foundation vulnerable to water damage. Your yard should slope at least 6 inches over the first 10 feet away from your foundation.


Don't Let Your Foundation Dry Out
While too much water is the main culprit behind water damage, not enough water can cause a significant problem as well. Soil that has been allowed to dry out can expand dramatically after a heavy rain, putting pressure on the foundation walls. During a long period of dry weather, it's a good idea to keep the soil moist by running a soaker hose along your foundation.


Have Cracks Repaired Right Away
If you notice a crack in a foundation wall, then don't wait to call for professional foundation crack repair. Fixing cracks before they have the chance to allow extensive water seepage can help prevent your walls from bowing and buckling.


Watch Out for Signs That You Need Foundation Wall Repair
If it's too late for crack repair and your foundation walls are showing signs of a serious problem, then you'll need a professional foundation repair in Tecumseh or Windsor. Some signs that you need to immediately contact a professional include: foundation wall cracks that grow wider near the top, uneven floors in your home, leaning porches and chimneys, cracking plaster or drywall on upper levels, and visible cracks on exterior caulking and brickwork.


Expert Foundation Repair in Windsor and Tecumseh
Don't wait to contact the professionals at Paul's Basement Waterproofing if you notice any signs of issues with your foundation. Our Windsor and Tecumseh foundation repairspecialists are capable of addressing any issues by providing both inside foundation wall repair and outside foundation wall repair.


Large foundation cracks, bowed walls, and buckling walls need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to keep your home safe. Contact Paul's Basement Waterproofing for foundation repair in Tecumseh or Windsor today.