Paul’s Basement Waterproofing: Quick and Easy Solution for Bowed Walls

Your home is your place of comfort and safety. It provides a refuge from the world. You will want to come back to it, irrespective of wherever you go. Structural issues to it are both undesirable and potentially dangerous and Paul’s Basement Waterproofing is ready to help in such scenarios. We specialize in basement waterproofing, foundation wall repair, crawlspace mould solutions, and more. Leaned, bulged or bowed walls are telltale signs of foundation problems and are not to be ignored.

Adequate measures on a regular basis are important as bowed walls might collapse without them. Paul’s Basement Waterproofing offers quality services to identify structural issues and fix them as soon as possible. We are based in Leamington, Ontario and operate throughout Sarnia, London, Chatham, and surrounding areas.

What causes a bowed wall?

Probe your building for signs of weak structure. Vertical, horizontal or zigzag cracks, bowed and crumbling walls with gaps along the walls indicate foundation problems. This happens when the ground exerts excess pressure around the foundation. Three main reasons that cause this are:

·       Expansive soils

·       Hydrostatic pressure

·       Frost

·       Pressure from tree roots

Expansive clay soils, frost, and accumulated water around the basement make the soil heavier and more expansive. With time, the center part of the wall becomes weak. It can no longer withstand the pressure from the above floors and from the external soil. This results in lateral bending. It is very important that you contact Paul’s Basement Waterproofing for measures to prevent basement flooding.

The best option for repair

Bowed walls need support and so we laminate the deflected portion with carbon fiber. This consists of thin strips of carbon which is woven into a fabric. In this form, it is very strong and virtually unbreakable.

It is much better than the previously used steel beams as it is both stronger and pocket-friendly. It holds the wall in place and as a result, strengthens the foundation. Carbon fiber acts like duct tape stuck along a stack of cardboard boxes from top to bottom, holding the tension in place.

Why is carbon fiber the most preferred?

These straps are cheap, very light and also four times stronger than steel. Foundation and walls bear the weight of the whole building and carbon fiber efficiently supports it.

Easy and quick to install

Carbon fibers are easy to install, needing few tools. It might just take a few hours depending on the level of damage at your place. We first fill the cracks, seal it, install carbon fiber supports and then attach the carbon strip. You don’t have to bother about contractors working in your building for days.

No maintenance

Once carbon fibers are installed, they don’t need maintenance which saves you additional expenses.

Certified installers of Fortress Stabilization Systems

We are certified installers of Fortress Stabilization Systems and use their latest technology. We use carbon-fiber Kevlar® sheet traps in combination with specifically designed epoxies. It causes minimum obtrusiveness.

Increase the resale value of your house

Since we use the least obtrusive methods, you can paint the basement wall after repair. This makes the repair invisible. The appearance of the house remains intact and the resale value goes up.

Warranty and discounts

Finally, Paul’s Basement Waterproofing offers you a lifetime warranty on bowed wall repairs and discounts for seniors! Our repair process is streamlined, doesn’t need a lot of time and involves minimum hassle.

We provide services in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, and have years of experience in the building industry. We sincerely take care of our customers and are proud of our work. Do take a moment and read their testimonials for perspective.

We provide year-long foundation repair services. Contact us whenever you notice any cracks in walls or issues with the interior and exterior, foundation walls, basement and crawlspace, in and around southern Ontario.