Basement Flooding Prevention Measures for Your Home

Few home problems are as stressful and difficult to deal with as a flooded basement. While effective wet basement repair in Windsor and Tecumseh is available, it can spare you a lot of trouble to prevent basement flooding from occurring in the first place.


The basement waterproofing professionals at Paul's Basement Waterproofing want to help save you the hassle. We've put together four solid tips that you can use to prevent basement flooding in your home.


1) Install a Sump Pump
One of the best ways to prevent the need for wet basement repair in Tecumseh or Windsor is to install a sump pump if you do not have one already. In basements that sit below the water table level, water has a tendency to move up into the basement from below the floor. A sump pump will intercept the water before it has a chance to cause any flooding and will send it away from home.


2) Seal All Cracks in Your Foundation Walls
Water will exploit any possible route to get inside of your home, including even the smallest of foundation wall cracks. If you notice cracks in your foundation walls, or if you just notice dampness and suspect that you might have foundation wall cracks, then you shouldn't wait to call for professional concrete crack repair. During the repair process, the cracks are injected with special sealants and the wall is then reinforced to ensure that the crack does not reoccur.


3) Install Window Wells
Many homes have basement windows that are below grade, which unfortunately makes those windows an easy point for water intrusion during times of snowmelt and heavy rain. The easiest way to prevent water leaks around a basement window is to install window wells. To protect your basement even further, you can also install a clear acrylic window well covers over the wells themselves. Window well covers will keep out water while still allowing in sunlight.


4) Ensure That Your Property Has Good Drainage
You're definitely going to have trouble with basement flooding if your property slopes towards rather than away from your home. You want the ground around your foundation to slope at least 15 inches over the distance of one and a half metres away from your foundation walls. Ensure that all downspouts are draining past the slope, at least two metres away from your home and that they are clear of any leaves and other debris.


Wet Basement Repair in Windsor and Tecumseh
If it's too late for prevention and you already have water damage or flooding in your basement, then don't worry. Paul's Basement Waterproofing provides wet basement repair in Windsor and Tecumseh for basements of all shapes and sizes. You can trust our experts to get the job done quickly so that the water doesn't have a chance to cause further damage.


For more information on the basement waterproofing and wet basement repair services in Tecumseh and Windsor that we provide, just contact Paul's Basement Waterproofing today.